Why Choose Us?

Guy with Headset

Retriever Merchant Solutions has a commitment to Integrity, Security and Service that Sales Agents can believe in. With us, you can set your sights on the next level of achievement and work to reach new heights in your career. You are your own boss, but you have a home base with us.

In the company’s Call Center, appointment setters pre-screen leads so you don’t waste the merchant’s time or yours. Overall, our agents close an average 30% of their leads. Standing behind you are the resources of Retriever Merchant Solutions and NPC, including:

  • Personal support so you can do what you do best: Sell
  • Superior in-house training ensures you’ll develop and achieve your career and income goals
  • Call Center telemarketing experts providing qualified leads. The company continues to make a huge investment in your leads.
  • Weekly payouts, recognition/incentives, transparency


As a result of these resources and support, the company is proud to have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Company President Brian Kamstra’s invitation to anyone who wants to join Retriever Merchant Solutions is long-standing: Call him at (800) 672-5621 or e-mail him at sales@RmsNpc.com.

Succeed and exceed your own expectations with Retriever Merchant Solutions.

Laurie Craven
Canton, Ohio
Retriever Merchant Solutions agent since 2006

“As an agent with Retriever Merchant Solutions, I have the luxury of looking at each merchant and asking, ‘what is the best way I can serve this customer?’ This flexibility is critical to give the merchant what he wants and needs, and for me to make the sale.

“I sell to larger accounts, which requires a certain style and usually takes longer to close. The home office staff and support groups provide me with what I need to do this. They help map out doing that something extra to win over and retrain the merchant. It’s true camaraderie.”